Where Did I Go?
You might be wondering why I haven't uploaded anything lately. I was working with SF Magazine
on Issue 12, and that took up a lot of time I usually spend taking pics and finding model credits...

Things I'll Try to Upload Soon:
1.) Flip-Flops for Girls
2.) The Samsung Phone, Deco, and Accessory
3.) SF Magazine Poses
4.) Side-Skirt Accessory for Guys
5.) Skinny Jeans for Guys (that fit my shoes)
6.) New High-Top Shoes for Guys
7.) Nike High-Tops for Girls
8.) Hand Bag accessory and poses
9.) Accessory Belt
10.) Another Sim

Still working on that buggy hand slider too lol

Accessory Specifications:
Age: Young Adult
Sex: Male
Sienna Rhinestone

Anchor's Away!*

*also matches surprisingly well with one of these shirts...

Ring of Diamonds

Dark Quartz

Model Credits:
Skin: Subaxi/Watermelon | DHV-A Non-Default | MCV Non-Default
Eyes: Tifa | Eye N31 ||| Leamonleaf | Clear Eyes
Hair: Raon | Hair08 ||| EA | The Alex ||| Lapiz Lazuli | Djinn
Eyebrows: MissBonBon | 15 Eyebrows for TS3 ||| Haru | Eyebrows ||| Subaxi/Watermelon | Eyebrow15MF
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This Sim is pretty popular for some reason lol I'm starting to see a Top 5 emerging
from my models, so without further adieu--Mr. First Place!


Top: Start-Up Chic by EA
Earrings: Male Piercing by Heiret
Necklace: Yin & Yang Necklace by New One
Bracelet: Male Accessories - Set001 by TumTum
Nail Polish: Short Nails for Males and Females by Aikea_Guinea

Top: On The Ritz by EA
Earrings: New Earrings for Males by Lemonleaf
Glasses: Classic-Style Sunglasses by EsmeraldaF
Nail Polish: Short Nails for Males and Females by Aikea_Guinea

Top: SOMBRE REPTILES by PuddingBrothel

Top: Long Sleeve T-Shirt by Ekinege
Bracelet: Male Accessories 004 by TumTum
Bottom: Nike & Some Pro Athletic Set by terriecason
Shoes: amShoesTMOBILEBasketballStrap by EA

Bottom: Superdry Board Shorts by genius

CAS Mug Shot

He should look like this if you have all the CC you need. His body skin will look different from my pictures though,
because I edited Subaxi's skintones (which I'm not uploading of course!). But his face should be the same.


Chin Depth Slider by Jasumi
Brow and Hand Sliders by Jasumi
Skinnies for HighTops by Jasumi
Goatee Stubble by Jasumi
Flip-Flops by Jasumi
Nike High-Tops by Jasumi
Ankle Boots and Tights by Jasumi
Hermi Lip Slider (YAM) by Jasumi

Eyebrows: 15 Eyebrows for TS3 by-MissBonBon
Foundation: Hi-Def Conturing Blush by KittyKlan
Lips: Candy Doll Lipgloss by Lemonleaf
Skintone: MCV Non-Default by Subaxi
Eyes: Oh My Tiffany by Escand
Eyebags: Eyebag V2 by Tifa
Hair: Duck's Tail by EA

Johna's Body Sliders
Heiret's Chin to Neck Slider
Ahmed's Facial Sliders

*passes out after typing so many links*
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Hand Slider Notice
I just want to mention the hand slider! For some reason I can not get the hands to stop shaking (not the normal kind, more like a twitching you see when the poor fish dies -_-). So.....I might not be able to figure that out anytime soon...

Sim To Upload?
I'm very surprised by the number of people who have asked me to upload a sim! I can't decide who to upload, so if you could show a picture of a sim you like, I'll upload the one people seem to like the most. Or I can upload more, it's just uploading Sims is kinda time consuming, they have a lot of CC, and I don't want to give you a cheap version...

Model Poses: Sneakers
These are basically the poses I used for some of my sneaker uploads. I also have some more poses which I did not release, but will soon if I can remember ^^; But after I upload some new Nike sneakers I made for girls first, now I'm getting off-topic, so anyways...

Pose Specifications:
Total Poses: 9
Age: Adult, Teen
Sex: Unisex

#1: (a_jasumi_sneaker1)

#2: (a_jasumi_sneaker2)

#3: (a_jasumi_sneaker3)

#5: (a_jasumi_sneaker5)

#6: (a_jasumi_sneaker6)

#9: (a_jasumi_sneaker9)

#10: (a_jasumi_sneaker10)

#11: (a_jasumi_sneaker11)

#12: (a_jasumi_sneaker12)

Yes, the numbering is all messed up, sorry about that >_> I'm very scramble-brained.

Model Credits:
Skin: Subaxi/Watermelon | DHV-A Non-Default | MCV Non-Default
Eyes: Escand | Oh My Tiffany ||| Leamonleaf | Clear Eyes ||| Subaxi/Watermelon | Contacts Eyes ||| Gary | Contacts
Hair: Newsea | Jump ||| Peggy | #000757 | #000586 | #000714 ||| Jasumi | Faux Hawk
         EA | The Alex | Let's Get Vertical ||| Raon | Hair08 | Hair07 ||| Lapiz Lazuli | Djinn
Eyebrows: in789 | Eyebrow02 ||| Subaxi/Watermelon | Eyebrow15MF ||| MissBonBon | 15 Eyebrows for TS3
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This is a retexture of my strappy high tops. I gave it a Nike texture this time.
I also modified the mesh to make the length of the shoe shorter since some people requested that ^^

Shoes Specifications:
Morphs: Fit, Fat, Thin, Normal
Poly-Count: 5,089
Age: Young Adult
Sex: Male


Model Credits:
Skin: Subaxi/Watermelon | DHV-A Non-Default | MCV Non-Default
Eyes: Escand | Oh My Tiffany ||| Tifa | Eye N31 ||| Leamonleaf | Clear Eyes
Hair: Peggy | #000714 | #000586 | #000387 ||| EA | Let's Get Vertical
Eyebrows: MissBonBon | 15 Eyebrows for TS3 ||| in789 | Eyebrow02 ||| Haru | Eyebrows
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