Big thanks to XanKreigor of MTS, who allowed me to use his Glock 17 as an accessory!
And of course, Cmomoney who created the pose script!
Ok, now onto the download!

Pose Specifications:
Total Poses: 24
Age: Adult, Teen
Sex: Unisex

I needed some gun poses for one of those nutty "comfics" my friends and I entertain ourselves with, and I think these came out pretty well. I plan on making overlay poses in the future when the community gets around to cracking them.

All Mesh and Texture Credits go to XanKreigor of MTS...

Model Credits:
Skin: Subaxi/Watermelon | DHV-A Non-Default | MCV Non-Default
Eyes: Escand | Oh My Tiffany ||| Leamonleaf | Clear Eyes ||| Subaxi/Watermelon | Contacts Eyes
Hair: Peggy | #000586 | #000387 | Special Gift #000015 ||| Newsea | Jump ||| EA | The Alex
Eyebrows: in789 | Eyebrow02 ||| Subaxi/Watermelon | Eyebrow15MF

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  1. Sackgirl says:

    Oh my God. I was looking on sims 3 blog. I went past everything else and stopped on your stuff. Oh my, theses are so cute. I love them. I love the pic when the three boys are hiding behind the crate. So cute. Thank you for theses pose : )

  2. Sackgirl says:

    I just added your website to my blog list. All your stuff is so lovely and keep coming back here. By the way love your sims, so cute.

  3. Jasumi says:

    Ah thanks, glad to hear it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic poses, these are going to come in so handy for my story blog! Love them, thanks for sharing! :D

  5. Mura says:

    Wonderful! Combined with Cloudwalkernz's gun poses, it's a fantastic match! Thank you very much.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love these poses!
    Where did you get the jeans and converses on your model? Love these poses :)

  7. Jasumi says:

    The Shoes:

    The Jeans:

  8. Lollipop says:

    I'd love to know where you got those checkered pants from

  9. Jasumi says:

    The Checkered Jeans are from Club Crimsyn:

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why are you banned from MTS?

  11. Jasumi says:

    My cousin was trolling with my account last week or so :/

  12. Anonymous says:

    ^ Yeah I never took you to be a homophobe, you defend gays all the time at MS3B.

  13. pure high quality! Knowing your work with the sims2,I was waiting for you do this for the sims3!
    I was just gonna tell you that you should upload these to MTS as soon as the uploading styem is up and running again. And that i'm sure this will be featured or at least picked.
    but then I heard you are banned?! nooo... just explain to them. i'm sure they understand :)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for AWESOME poses!!!
    But do you know where I can find that trashcan(the lid is opened) of the final screenshot?

  15. Jasumi says:

    They were made by CycloneSue:

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is that really you? o_o

  17. Jasumi says:

    Heh. Much of what's posted in that thing is nothing but slander...

  18. Anonymous says:

    ^ So you're not a homophobe who believes we are decendents of reptiles from space? Also the blog refers to you as a he, but you're female, right? Is that personal blog they showed really yours? I'm just genuinely curious about it all.

  19. Jasumi says:

    Yes, I’m a girl^^

    What happened is that I made (what I thought was a decent reply) to another user on the Official forum about why it makes perfect sense that EA can't allow us to reveal content from personal blogs on the forum. But then, of course, they took offense to what I said and tried to throw as much dirt on my name as they could. I know who made the post about me on the blog you mentioned, but I’m going to be civil and not call them out.

    Some things are partially true:

    1.) I am an administrator on Sim Oasis
    2.) The picture of that sim was my old avatar
    3.) I was never banned from the official forum, it was a suspension for linking to MoreAwesomeThanYou

    But here’s the problem—I’ve never seen that other blog about “reptilians” in my life. I believe an “anti-fan” created that blog and swiped my avatar for the intent of making me out to be a crazed conspiracy theorist. I posted an image of that sim on a picture thread on Sim Oasis (at a larger size of course), so that’s where they managed to get it.

    I also think, in addition to it possibly being a simmer who dislikes me, that it also could have been a cousin of mine who made the blog since he is a conspiracy theorist. Not sure why he would attach it to my old Youtube though, so I'm siding with it being an anti-fan of sorts.

    And I’m quite sure the blog was indeed a link on my old Youtube page Jasumi. My account was hacked soon after Google started binding our Google and Youtube accounts together. And before that, it was hacked again sometime in 2009--two different IPs were logged in at the same time. So I was essentially sharing my account with some unknown person for about a year. I didn't ditch it since I really didn't care all too much about a youtube account. It was a while since I had used it and I forgot all about that mess, which is I rather foolishly connected it to my email address.

    Try this:

    Send a message to my old email account '' and see the nasty redirect message it sends you less than two seconds later. I believe it says "FUCK OFF" every-time. Very annoying and embarrassing at times...

    I would make a post about this, but I'm not one for drama...

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for giving me a thorough response. To be honest I was very skeptical of that entire entry that site made about you. I'm glad you're being the bigger person and not letting that ridiculous slander get to you.

    P.S. I wholly agree with you about not advertising personal blogs on the official forum. Unfortunately, that place is full of some of the most idiotic people around.

  21. Tanyuu says:

    Thanks for explaining. Someone was trying to stir things up on MS3B in an unrelated post. They even started snapped at someone who, rather logically, disbelieved them.

    I'm sorry you have to go through all this.

  22. Jasumi says:

    It's been like this since the Sims 2 days, so I'm used to it by now lol

  23. Tanyuu says:

    Haha, and people don't believe me when I say there's drama in the Sims community since the days of Sims 1.

  24. Jasumi says:

    Now I'm curious about what people were stirring up the other day...

  25. Anonymous says:

    Jasumi, I was wondering, would it be at all possible for you to make your hand girth slider compatible for females? I know that for most people its probably not necessary but it'd mean the world to me. If it's not too much trouble, might you please consider doing this?

    Thank you very much.

  26. Jasumi says:

    Well, I'm not exactly sure about what you want to see in a female adaption of the hand slider?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Essentially the same thing you did with the male version, the ability to make the fingers more slender.

    You see, I use the body girth slider from MTS and thus some of my females are more frail than your typical EA sim. The main problem is that the body girth slider has no effect on the sims hands and sadly leaves them it a bit disproportionate to the sim.

    You said it wasn't possible to actually scale down the hand entirely, right? So even just being able to make the fingers more slender would mean a world of difference for me.

    Thank you again for responding!

  28. Jasumi says:

    Well it is possible to scale the hand. I think you got confused with a post I made about scaling the neck (which makes the "bobble-head" effect).

    But I can try that when I get some time...

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hm, perhaps I did, my bad. If it is possible to scale the hand then maybe you could make it unisex then? Honestly that's the slider I've been desiring for the longest time, I mentioned just the fingers because I thought that was all that was possible.

    Of course, no rush! Thank you so much Jasumi.

  30. I loved it!

    is a beautiful work, thanks for sharing...

  31. Mura says:

    Thank you very much for these poses. They are really great!

    I was wondering, however, if you can include a list of the pose names. I'm one of those who actually prefer entering the pose name instead of going through the list for numerous reasons. You don't need to include the pictures or anything, just the names and what it is.

    Thank you for your time. If you don't want to, it's okay.

  32. Jasumi says:

    I'm curious about the benefits of entering the pose name, if you don't mine telling me ^^;

    1. a_jasumi_gun_bad1
    2. a_jasumi_gun_shoulder
    3. a_jasumi_gun_dive1
    4. a_jasumi_gun_floor1
    5. a_jasumi_gun_cower1
    6. a_jasumi_gun_cower2
    7. a_jasumi_gun_cower3
    8. a_jasumi_gun_cower4
    9. a_jasumi_gun_cower5
    10. a_jasumi_gun_twohand
    11. a_jasumi_gun_hip1
    12. a_jasumi_gun_hit1
    13. a_jasumi_gun_freeze1
    14. a_jasumi_gun_twohand2
    15. a_jasumi_gun_fall1
    16. a_jasumi_gun_help1
    17. a_jasumi_gun_lookaround1
    18. a_jasumi_gun_lookaround2
    19. a_jasumi_gun_lookaround3
    20. a_jasumi_gun_cowerwalk1
    21. a_jasumi_gun_talk1
    22. a_jasumi_gun_talk2
    23. a_jasumi_gun_talk3
    24. a_jasumi_gun_talk4

  33. Mura says:

    Of course! Thanks for the names by the way. It's best if you just read my tutorial here to see exactly why I prefer using the names instead of the list.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for sharing... You are a wonderful creator!

  35. Anonymous says:

    *PS: Just continue to be creative and just let haters be... Even if your job is unique and high quality they won't appreciate it. They get stuff for free and on top of that they complain. And instead of searching your backround they should focus more on your work. Not your beliefs. This is my opinion. Take care and have a wonderful week, full of creativity! :) (This is related to anonymous ppl who post "Like ew wtf awful, oh hi troll and stuff" under your posts in The Sims 3 Blog.)

  36. Jasumi says:

    Thanks for that :)

  37. it reminds me about Mafia II :)

  38. Anonymous says:

    Jas - these are awesome - Thank you x

  39. Anonymous says:

    How did you get blood on their hands in the picture 15? Please have a story to

  40. Jasumi says:

    The blood is a glove by NewOne:

  41. Anonymous says:

    The link doesn't work. Fix it?

  42. Jasumi says:

    Server should be up now...

  43. heaven says:

    According to your list above, there are 24 poses. However, in the select pose from list, I do not have that many. I am having a hard time figuring out which is which, to be honest. Perhaps a picture of each pose and it's name by themselves?

  44. heaven says:

    Okay, never mind, there are 24, I'm just horrid at counting. But a specific list would still be great. :P

  45. Sanna says:

    Finally! T've been looking for gun poses but all of them looked kinda stiff and weird, these are perfect! Thank you (/^^)/

  46. Anonymous says: are amazing simple as that. Loving your work so much :)

  47. Lulu says:

    I love it so mutch i need this 4 my sierie on you tube

  48. Hi! I love your work so much!

    Just a question about the guns; do I need the Glock in order for these to work properly?

  49. Jasumi says:

    It might look weird with another gun, but no you don't need this one...

  50. great poses Jasumi, they really look intense, great idea with shooting under the table/ car thing, very clever move.
    it is sad about these all internet drama.. stuff which I see wherever I go, that is why I only active to upload my skin textures while keeping a healthy distance.


  51. Jasumi says:

    Thanks a lot Navetsea. And please do continue making great skins :D

  52. These poses are awesome Jasumi! I'll be using these STAT! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  53. Anonymous says:

    where do I find the gun?

  54. Link Doesn't work anymore

  55. Anonymous says:

    It's great but I can't download é_è

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