This Sim is probably the second-most popular guy of mine. Yes, he is based on SS501's uber cool leader. I tend to find celebrity inspired sims have a lot more character than what I could create with my feeble mind. The power of mother nature!


Top: Long Sleeve Shirt by Myos
Bracelet: Male Accessories - Set001 by TumTum
Earrings: Male Piercing by Heiret | Earring for Male by Manasama

Top: Sport Sweater by All About Style
Earrings: Silver Cross Earrings by Lemon Leaf
Bracelet: Male Accessories - Set001 by TumTum

Top: Tank Top by Heiret
Bottom: Calvin Klein Underwear by LianaSims

Earring: Buffy Earring by Rose
Top: Addidas Jacket by IrieSims
Bottom: Denim Shorts by Darko

Top: Croota Tank by Victor-tor
Bottom: Boardshort BangSurf by Alex_Stanton1983

CAS Mug Shot

He should look like this if you have all the CC you need. His body skin will look different from my pictures though,
because I edited Subaxi's skintones (which I'm not uploading of course!). But his face should be the same.


Chin Depth Slider by Jasumi
Brow and Hand Sliders by Jasumi
Skinnies for HighTops by Jasumi
Upper Lip Stubble by Jasumi
Flip-Flops by Jasumi
High-Tops by Jasumi

Eyebrows: 15 Eyebrows for TS3 by-MissBonBon
Foundation: Hi-Def Conturing Blush by KittyKlan
Lips: Crystal Lipstick 4 by Lemonleaf
Skintone: MCV Non-Default by Subaxi
Eyes: Clear Eyes by Lemonleaf
Eyebags: Eyebag V3 by Tifa
Hair: Grooo-vay Folk by EA
Djinn by Lapiz Lazuli

Johna's Body Sliders
Heiret's Chin to Neck Slider
Ahmed's Facial Sliders
aWT's Forehead Depth Slider
aWT's Nose Septum Slider

*passes out after typing so many links*

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  1. Sackgirl says:

    Can't stop looking at him in his sleepwear (naughty me) Changing the subject now. I love the second pic of him. He takes awesome headshots. I really like playing with boy sims, i am trying to break the mould i have, which is, i always end up putting similar noses on my males. (funny i have no problem creating girls) So your sim has inspired me to work harder on my boys. This sim has a really nice face and interesting look. Thank you ^_^

  2. Jasumi says:

    Thanks, glad to hear it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really want this sim in my game but the download link to the skin is locked! is there any other way i can get the skin?

  4. Jasumi says:

    Try this for now:

    Hopefully Subaxi will unlock the downloads someday so my conscience can stop plaguing me :/ lol

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Ruh-roh, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but Heiret's blog isn't working and I cannot get that chin to neck slider. Is there any other way to get it?

  7. Anonymous says:

    OH awesome sim looks really great:) And i wanted to ask if you are uploading a female sim? cause your sim are amazing :)

  8. Jasumi says:

    Try this Link:

    And thanks :) I'll try to upload a girl when I have more freetime....

  9. He's stunning, and the amount of detail is INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much, Jasumi!

  10. B says:

    I really love the cuties you upload. Thanks and look forward to more. Yes, I am greedy! LOL!

  11. B says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the light stubble. Is that new? I really wanted one with upper lip hair. Love that look.

  12. Jasumi says:

    I actually made that stubble a long time ago, back in early 2010...

  13. That boy is really beautiful, Jasumi. The kind of things the tigers love the most. A true cookie *.* He's so subtle yet still manly. I have to check out the celebrity that was your inspiration now.
    I love your unique style of presentation.
    I also find creating sims based on someone real easier. In fact, all my simmies I use in my pics are spoofs on my friends xD
    All my own, so to speak, simmies tend to be always the same. I think everyone has a pattern to follow and it's hard to get over it :P
    thank U for the beautie <3

  14. Anonymous says:

    He looks really.... gay ...(?) the old stereotype of gay i mean. I like delicate men, , but this one is not preety enough, is just afeminate, i see those poses, mmm ridiculous, either in boys and girls.

    Sorry for the comment jasumi, i like your creatios, but i have to say it....

  15. Jasumi says:

    I don't find delicate men attractive >_>

  16. Pedrusco says:

    jasumi, corrupted files = /.

    I love your blog, you have style

  17. Anonymous says:

    He made my game crash :(

  18. Yuki says:

    I like him! Thank you for sharing :)

  19. Jasumi says:

    Hmm, did you guys download the hair? Not having it is usually why sims crash in CAS.

    Oh, and thanks :)

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have both hairs..

  21. Anonymous says:

    I have the same problem that the game crashes and i also have both hairs.?:)

  22. Anonymous says:

    I also have the hair and my game crashes when I choose him in CAS. I hope someone can figure out how to fix this problem. I've been having the same issue with a couple of other downloaded sims :(

  23. Anonymous says:

    ^hopefully soon, cuz i really like this sim

  24. Anonymous says:

    I tried to download the sim, but the link doesn't work.

  25. Hinata82 says:

    I love him <3 he is beautiful thanks ^^

  26. Jasumi says:

    Anon, try this link:

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jasumi! Where can I get the Grooo-vay Folk by EA for free?

  28. Jasumi says:

    MATY seems to have all the Store cc for free.

  29. Clara says:

    I love all of your creations! Do you know where I can download the goggles in the first pic? Or do they belong to the shirt?

  30. Jasumi says:

    Yes, they come with the shirt ^^

  31. Solène says:

    Hey Jasumi, I love your creations but I can't download kim hyun joong, i mean just the sim, because it is a package and package don't work in my PC, Can you put it in pack please ? Thank you for everything cause he's Beautiful

  32. Jasumi says:

    Hmm, his skin tone and all the CC can't be installed as a sims3pack. But, the .sim in the zip can actually be placed in your SavedSims folder and he'll show up. Albeit, he'll look a lot different without the CC.

  33. thuemod says:

    I love all of your creations, but i cant download this sim, re-up this sim. please

  34. Perfect sim, but i cant download :/ re-up please *o*

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