Credits due to Montoto_sk, who originally created this gun for the Sims 2,
And of course, Cmomoney who created the pose script!

Accessory Specifications:
Category: Glasses Section
Age: Teen, Adult, Elder
Sex: Both

Pose Specifications:
Total Poses: 6 (for now)
Age: Adult, Teen
Sex: Unisex

These poses are intended for story-telling and/or modeling pictures which involve guns. I hope I made that clear enough lol
I'm in the process of creating more, and decided to upload each pose as a separate package file so you can download whichever one(s) you want

Pose Name: a_jas_gun2 || File Name: Jasumi_GunPose2

Pose Name: a_jas_gun1 || File Name: Jasumi_GunPose1

Pose Name: a_jas_gun4 || File Name: Jasumi_GunPose4

Pose Name: a_jas_gun3 || File Name: Jasumi_GunPose3

Pose Name: a_jas_gun5 || File Name: Jasumi_GunPose5

Pose Name: a_jas_gun6 || File Name: Jasumi_GunPose6

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  1. Do you know where I can find the Sims 2 version of the gun? I had it but that computer crashed and is no longer viable...

  2. How can I use the pose?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Use cmomoney's pose player from

  4. I'm glad the links still works. Thank you lots for sharing. :)

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