Decided I'd do some spring cleaning on my blog and clean up some old stuff. Last month or so my cousin made a new skin blend which combined different details from his favorite skins and I have to say he did a great job. ^-^ I'll personally terrible at editing skintones lol I'll link to the skin when he fixes his borked Livejournal account :/


Top: Croota Tank by Victor-tor
Bottom: Rolled up Jeans by Ritsukacom
Shoes: Shoes by Myos
Necklace: Male Set 001 by TumTu



Earrings: Male Piercing by Heiret
Bottoms: Bermuda Swimsuit by Ekky_Sims


Shoes: Vans by Lilisims
Earrings: Silver Cross Earrings by Lemonleaf


Top: Sports Jersey by EA
Bottom: Men's Pajama Bottoms by EA
Shoes: Adidas Megabounce Sneakers by terriecason
Earrings: Silver Cross Earrings by Lemonleaf


Necklace: Male Accessories - Set001 by TumTum
Earrings: Silver Cross Earrings by Lemonleaf
Pants: Dress Slacks by Heiret


If he doesn't look like this in CAS you done goofed lol Need to go download some more sliders or something...

Chin Depth Slider by Jasumi
Nostril Tip Slider by Jasumi
Brow and Hand Slider by Jasumi

Foundation: Hi-Def Contouring Blush by KittyKlan
Lips: Lipstick 7 by Chagasi
Skin: Whatever the hell he named it
Eyes: Oh My Tiffany by Escand
Eyeliner: Eyeline 1 by Heiret
Eyeshadow: Eyelid 2 by Chagasi
Eyebrows: Eyebrow02 by in789

Johna's Body Sliders
Heiret's Chin to Neck Slider
Ahmed's Facial Sliders


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    Thanks so much Jasumi! I love you soo much. He looks really good. I can finally have me some Jonkey action in
    You're amazing. End of story.

  2. Do you have to have all those face sliders? What if I don't touch his face, will he stay looking like that? I just don't want to add all those in case of an....explosion.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He's a cutie! Thank you for more K-Pop sims!

  4. Jasumi says:

    @leah: He doesn't actually use all the sliders, I just put them there anyways. And I think you're correct that as long as you don't change the face, he'll be fine. You do need the body sliders, though...

  5. WhiteCrow says:

    Ohhh, I love your Sims.
    You are one Creator in a Million who has knowledge in making realistic and Themed Sim.

    And the G-Dragon Hair looks awesome ingame, you should make more Hair Meshes! ^^

  6. Sunnie says:

    I almost fell from my chair now. I was waiting this so much *sobs*. Really, he's amazing!
    I can't deny I'm in love with your creations and just to think there is more Shinee and Big Bang sims on your plans makes me feel so stupidly happy :DDD
    Thank you, thank you, thank yoooou!

  7. Jasumi says:

    @Whitecrow: Thanks, I have been working on two hairstyles, but I'm not a pro, so it will take a little while to perfect them.

    And I'm happy you guys like him :D

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jasumi :) I'd like to know where did you get the hair for your sim? Thanks in advance. :D

  9. Jasumi says:

    Oh, I keep forgetting the hair:

    It's from here:

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can you do SuJu?

  11. Anonymous says:

    fucking liar, that hair is not from the link you gave

  12. Jasumi says:

    Awww, did I hurt your feeilings boo by posting the wrong link? Go Google it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    How is one supposed to Google "which hair did Jasumi use on JongHyun" reliably? Don't be a dick. Is it from an EP, or another one from the store?

  14. Jasumi says:

    Oh, really? I'm the one being a dick by getting all up in people's faces? There's a certain way to ask for things you know...

  15. bellahaye says:

    Anonymous 7:29 PM , your attitude is really rude. why are you swearing at anyone? please do not disrespect yourself or the person who created this charactor and was nice enough to share it with us. it does not mean you have to shut up because it was giving as a free gift, but wather or not it is free you should not treat people like that. there is no reasion for it, and it only helps to make the world and yourself crueler and meaner.

    please, i speak from experince, it might not seem importint to you, but with every word you say and every action you do, you help to show people how you should or are allowed to behave towards others, which sooner or later will end up right back at your own door (though in my own experince my family and i have been mistreated not for actions we took but for the bad behavor of others, cuaing us to be mistreated too).

    or will help to cause future abuse on others you dont even know.
    every action we take travels from person to person. if you cant understand that then maybe you can just take time to think about how you are speaking to others and when you can to say something, say it with integrity and respect. it really makes a differince in ones life. it does in mine too. thank you for listening.

  16. Bellahyae says:

    also, to the poster, thank you for the charactor. i am trying to create a raymond lam asian charactor in my game to sing and preform. i hope to add more asian singers and singers from differint cultures into my game. and after searching but not finding any sims created of him i found your charactor so i am very happy!i get a nice charactor, and i can try and get raymond lam to look more like raymond lam. thank you!

  17. Jasumi says:

    Thank you very much Bellahyae for the intelligent response, and I'm glad this download is of use to you.

  18. Nerejde says:

    thank you!! is beautiful and my now :D
    not that you would do a second version of kim hyun joong? is my obsession ^_^

  19. Jasumi says:

    I was actually going to update him next after I upload Taeyang...

  20. Nerejde says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  21. Nerejde says:

    yeahh!! thank you ^_^

  22. Anonymous says:

    is the skin default or non default? i didn't see it labeled.

  23. Jasumi says:

    The skin is non-default ^^

  24. Sinti says:

    Jasumi, he is so cute boy! Very realistic! Thanks for uploading. I like asian sims!
    And thanks for sharing link for this skin!

  25. Collarbones says:

    Hi Jasumi, thank you so much for the download! He is absolutely gorgeous, I love Shinee. I was wondering about Chagasi's Eyelid 2, their website only seems to have Eyelid 1 now, do you know where else to download it? And what is the name of the hair you used? Thank you so much for your time. :)

  26. Jasumi says:

    Thank you for *politely* asking me where the hair is lol I will gladly tell you...

    It's is a Store hair:

    As for the eyeliner, send me a pm ^^

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I love your work! All of your sims are amazing! Do you think you could make Super Junior in the near future?

  28. Unknown says:

    Firstly, you blew me away by how much your sim really looks like Jonghyun. I didn't know a sim could look that much like a person so I just have to have him. I am having a few difficulties though and I was hoping that you might help me out, please. Firstly, as mentioned by someone else, the eyelid 2 was no wear to be scene. Secondly, the sight for the chin to neck slider was all in Hangul so I'm not sure how to download it and lastly I could not find a Ahmed's facial slider. If you could help me with these problems I'd be very grateful.

  29. Jasumi says:

    Umm, yes I might upload Super Junior eventually, but I want to do exo first...

    @Carla, send me an email ( ^^

  30. Anonymous says:

    arghhhhh he's my fave! thank you, he's gorge

  31. Anonymous says:

    hey, for that neck slider.. the page is in korean and i got no clue, where i find the download stuff.. ah! please help me!! :)

  32. Alfred says:

    Recognized him instantly from the thumbnail. I was like wait... no... it can't be... that's too obscure for an english site. But it was. And then I huggled him to death. <3

  33. Cassandra says:

    Hey Jasumi :) I'm having a slight issue downloading Jonghyun. It'll lead me to the uploadingit page and I'll click the download link, but then nothing actually happens and it brings me to a blank white page. I tried on 3 different browsers and no dice. I made sure it was just the Jonghyun download by trying to download the Onew sim, and it downloaded with no issues.

  34. Jasumi says:

    How odd. I can get onto the download link, maybe try again later?

  35. Cassandra says:

    Jasumi I love you! I came back yesterday to see if my issue had been fixed and I still couldn't download Jong...but I didn't want to bother you by asking for an alternate download link, and I come back today and you've already provided one. You're the best! Thanks!!!!

  36. Unknown says:

    Absolutely ammmmaaaazzziiiing! You have no idea how flipping excited I am about this hair! You're talent is outstanding please keep making more meshes, because you my friend are gifted =).
    office furniture Perth

  37. Unknown says:

    Hello Jasumi, I can't seem to find the eyelid 2? At simple Lifes downloads. Can you tell me where it could be please, and thank you :)

  38. Unknown says:

    Also this doesn't seem to work?

    How can I find the body sliders too please? :)

  39. Hi Jasumi I also can't seem to get the chin to neck slider. Is there any way you can help please?

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