After making the low-riders I realized the game could use some more elegant Men's Wear (plus I happen to think this style looks great in real life), thus I present to you another variety of loose, bunchy skinnies/tights for men, with boots to match. I plan on adapting these for females when I have the time. And I also plan on making an accessory half-skirt. Random Note: The shoes were created in 3ds Max (2009 version), an expensive but great program for those interested in serious meshing and uv mapping...

Tights Specifications:
Morphs: Fit, Thin, Normal
Age: Young Adult
Sex: Male

As usual, calves and thighs are muscular, butt's bigger. The tights look best in medium-dark tones, but it's alright at a lighter shade, too. They also look rather silly with anything other than these shoes since they rest high on the calf...


Shoes Specifications:
Morphs: Fit, Fat, Thin, Normal
Poly-Count: 8,360
Age: Young Adult
Sex: Male

These shoes are pretty high-poly, but most hair files have around this many polys, so I wouldn't worry if you have a decent gaming computer. The shoes have all laces fully meshed, a pull tab, and the 'arms' of the boot are also three-dimensional (as opposed to simply textured). The reason I did this is because I wasn't too happy with how the textures look, the game allows only very a small 350x150 sized area for the entire shoe! So I tried to compensate for this by meshing it out, and good thing, it came out better...


Model Credits:
Skin: Subaxi/Watermelon | MCV Non-Default
Eyes: Escand | Oh My Tiffany ||| Tifa | Eye N31 ||| Leamonleaf | Clear Eyes
Hair: Peggy | #000714 | #000387 ||| EA | Duck's Tail
Eyebrows: MissBonBon | 15 Eyebrows for TS3

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  1. Tanyuu says:

    These are awesome! If they're not for teens, would you consider making them for teens in the near future? When I've had time, I've been skinning some outfits for Persona 2 characters to sort of teach myself (ie, there's references to look at), but in doing so, I've been horrified by the lack of male teenage clothing.

  2. Nathan says:

    Are they only for young adults and not adults or elders? Also it would be great if you could make them for females too! And, like Tanyy said, for teens.

  3. Anonymous says:

    TOO awesome.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Omg!!! These are awesome! I can't wait to see more of your guy clothes. There are so little out there. Can you also do shorter mens hairs too. I love your mohawks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I Need to female!

  6. My teen Sims are so jealous of theses young adults. Love them

  7. cariange says:

    Oh god. This is awesome! love them. Why i'm not following your blog? (I need to follow it right now)your stuff is awesome!

  8. Jasumi says:

    Teen conversion added to To-Do List ^^

    And yes, they are for Older Males, too.

  9. Sackgirl says:

    Gorgeous Boots. Thank you.

  10. Sackgirl says:

    Ooh i forgot, great tights too.

  11. stacie says:

    These are fantastic, thank you so much!

  12. A.D says:

    absolutely freakin awesome :D

  13. Anonymous says:

    when I go to download page, it says "not allowed" :(

  14. Jasumi says:

    lmao I exceeded my monthly bandwidth >_> Too many people have been downloading things from here...

    In the meanwhile, try this link:

  15. Al says:

    This is beautiful, thank you!

  16. Trepie22 says:

    I'm so happy you're converting these for females! I was wondering if it would be weird if I requested them for females, but then I saw you're planning on doing that already, so yay. :D

  17. Anonymous says:

    I love these . unfortunately I downloaded them and them and just keep them as eye candy in cas.
    I love it from the side and the back but the front is well.. ugly:/it there a way you can flatten the top or give others permission to alter your mesh? flatter top part of shoes are possible as seen with myos. hopefully i'm not offending you , English is not my first language. this is jut potential feedback. i do like your work and its a shame this one flaw bothers me so much I can't use i because i love the idea

  18. Jasumi says:

    I don't care. Do what you want...

  19. Trepie22 says:

    The front isn't ugly, it's beautiful! The whole shoe is gorgeous. Shame on you, Anonymous.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I really love these boots they look amazing! But i am having a problem with them loading into my Launcher...they won't load. Does anyone have a solution for me, i really wanna try these boots out. I am assuming they were made for Sims 3?

  21. Jasumi says:

    This site will show you how to install it:

  22. Anonymous says:

    everything is up to date with my Sims it just wont load in the launcher, its just not going to happen-thanks for your help

  23. ^It's a package file, it's not supposed to upload through the launcher. Do you have a mods folder set up?
    Anyway, I love the boots! Great style and I love that everything is meshed :D

  24. Anonymous says:

    i have a mods folder thats where i extract it too but they don't load. If they dont appear in the launcher how do i no if they downloaded into the game?

  25. Anonymous says:

    i have custom content in my game, but for some reason these won't load into the game

  26. Jasumi says:

    Try asking these guys:

  27. Anonymous says:

    Can you make these for girls? I am making a sim-self for my friend, and she loves boots like these.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Please make these shoes for females! Girls wear boots too! I actually have shoes exactly like that and they're my favourite shoes ever.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Is there any way you convert any of your CC to sims3packs? Anyways, your work is awesome! Best I've come across so far. Well done ;)

  30. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful shoes! Awesome job!

  31. fkzm says:

    Really nice shoes and pants.
    I'm so happy
    Thank you :)

  32. fkzm says:

    Where can I find the first picture the shirt?

  33. Anonymous says:

    awesome boots for my male sims, thanks for creating these =)

    however would it be possible to make these boots recolourable in the future?

  34. Milla says:

    Que lindo! A.D.O.R.E.I esse conjunto (inclusive o coturno)! *_* Você não teria também a versão feminina dele??

  35. Pleeeease please please could anybody tell me where to download the cigarette thing? Cute boots btw, waiting for the female version(:

  36. Jasumi says:

    Anon, I probably won't :(

    Milla: female version is here

    Unknown: the cigarette

  37. Tarrah says:

    Says the limit has exceeded. :I

  38. Anonymous says:

    Jas, the limit has exceeded D:
    Could you fix it? <3

  39. Unknown says:

    This looks like quite the outfit! Have you ever heard of boot tights? I have heard that they are really neat! It looks like you are wearing boots but it is really just tights! You should check some out!

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  41. RonRebel says:

    the download link doesn't seem to work! I really want to download these!!

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