I actually made these sandals a long time ago, but never uploaded them because I've been very busy (especially with school).
For those wondering, you do not need Bloom's Feet Default Replacements to use these shoes, but they are recommenced!

Shoes Specifications:
Morphs: Fit, Fat, Thin, Normal
Poly-Count: 4,000
Age: Young Adult
Sex: Female

(i forgot to delete the lights >_> lmao just ignore them...)

         >>Properly Animated!

Like the male version, the sole of the sandal moves appropriately with a Sim's footsteps (ie. when they bend their toes).
The toe nail polish is by Bloom, and actually doesn't match this mesh too well, just so you know lmao
Forgive me, I've been making a lot of stupid mistakes today -_-


Model Credits:
Skin: Subaxi/Watermelon | MCV Non-Default ||| Lemonleaf | A&B 2.0 Skin
Eyes: Tifa | Eye N31 ||| Leamonleaf | Clear Eyes
Hair: Peggy | #000572
Eyebrows: Subaxi/Watermelon | Eyebrows F-12 | Eyebrow10

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  1. Sackgirl says:

    Wow, gorgeous pics. I love the guys in the pics. The guy with the black hair, soo

  2. Well, actually I like the light bulb. lol

  3. Klavix says:

    Very good work once again, And If I may say the woman in lilac bikini is quite stunning.

  4. Juliana says:

    Ooow this in incredible, this is amazing, so I expected for you to do that! Thank you and I love the presentation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Wonderful! Wonderful quality and amazing presentation ♥ I love everything you make! Thank you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    tried to download those amazing shoes. but it tells me that the file is empty... :( sorry, my english isn't very good. lol but your work looks really great. thank you for sharing

  7. Jasumi says:

    Hmm, that is strange >_>

    Try using Box:


  8. badsim says:

    ok i don't get it is the feet a default

  9. Anonymous says:

    What is the name of the two female models shown in the first picture? Does it available to download?

  10. Jasumi says:

    I have not uploaded them :/

  11. igor says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  12. Anonymous says:

    The links are broken :/

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