Even though the real one's kind of a diva/self-centered jerk, he makes a cute sim,
plus the neighborhood's never complete without someone to stir up drama...


Earrings: Male Piercing by Heiret
Shoes: Timberland Boots by Darko
Bottom: Rolled Up Jeans by Ritsukacom
Necklace: Male Accessories - Set001 by TumTum

Top: Show Stopping Style- Tie-cklace Jacket by EA
Earrings: Silver Cross Earrings by Lemonleaf
Bottom: Jeans by myos

Bottom: Woven Boxer Bumper Pack by Genius

...This boy would rather be indoors dancing than sweating at the gym...
Bottom: Rat Bastard Jeans by Aikea_Guinea

Glasses: Sunglassess by LiliSims
Bottom: Superdry Board Shorts by Genius

CAS Mug Shot

He should look like this if you have all the CC you need. His body skin will look different from my pictures though,
because I edited Subaxi's skintones (which I'm not uploading of course!). But his face should be the same.


Chin Depth Slider by Jasumi
Brow and Hand Sliders by Jasumi
Stubble by Jasumi
Flip-Flops by Jasumi
Wavy Hawk by Jasumi

Eyebrows: Eyebrow Two by in789
Foundation: Hi-Def Contouring Blush by KittyKlan
Lips: Candy Doll Lipgloss by Lemonleaf
Skintone: MCV Non-Default by Subaxi
Eyes: Clear Eyes N16 by Lemonleaf

Johna's Body Sliders
Heiret's Chin to Neck Slider
Ahmed's Facial Sliders

*passes out after typing so many links*

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  1. Anonymous says:

    he so cute *.* love him

  2. Anonymous says:

    what happened to heiret's blog? so many great creators leaving and now heiret too?!
    I can't read Korean so can some please translate what heriet says here or just tell me whats going on?

    @Jamuni don't ever leave because I don't think i could deal with another great and talented creator leaving <3

    great job as usual btw. you have such a nack for dressing male sims . you have good design eye, i bet you could be a designer or stylist in rl :D

  3. Jasumi says:

    Thanks ^^

    I tend to enjoy dressing male sims a little more than female sims because you can mix and match things more...

    Here is a link of all of Heiret's Accessories:

  4. JS Sims 3 says:

    OMG! You are amazing!!
    He's totally like Key! awesome work!

  5. Anonymous says:

    omg thank you jasuuumi <33
    key is sooo cute >w<,great job :3

  6. HardCandy says:

    We love our bitchy divas :D
    He's fantasic , thanks.

  7. Krystal says:

    This is so fantastic. I really hope that you keep deciding to upload more sims, especially your Jay Park one! Still waiting for the day that might come out!

    Awesome sim!

  8. Jasumi says:

    Oh! Yeah, I forgot about him o_o Now that I remember I'll try to take pictures of him soon...

    Oh, and thanks everyone :)

  9. awhhh Key oppa :3

    shawol <3 lol

  10. Juba_0oº says:

    I just love your sims so much, they´re like, asian perfect! You are one of those creators that have an unique style, and people can see that specially through your sims. *sigh* (Wish they were real...)

  11. Jasumi says:

    lol well technically they are real (since they're celebrity sims) :D

    And thanks ^^

  12. Anonymous says:

    omg, you're very talented. all your sims are perfection <3

  13. Tomi says:

    the download link doesnt work anymore :(

  14. All of the SHINee sims doesn't seem to be working..

  15. Flyrhial says:

    If you have some time, could you please reupload the SHINee sims, their dld links seem to be broken and they're really amazing :)

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